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We're committed to personalized service! Having a clean and functioning HVAC system in your home or business can greatly improve your quality of life. But did you know you should have your heating and air conditioning systems inspected at least twice a year?

Lucky for you, our expert team of contractors is available around the clock to provide routine maintenance and service to on your air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration system. We even offer affordable yearly maintenance plans!

Air Conditioning Service

There are several different types of air conditioning systems:

Top Rated Heating Service In Spring Valley NV | Desert Valley Heating & Cooling - ductless2Ductless Split Air Conditioning Systems:

These include both outer and inner compressors and units that are connected only by a refrigerant line. This air conditioning system is one of the easiest to install and does not take up a lot of space.

Top Rated Heating Service In Spring Valley NV | Desert Valley Heating & Cooling - packaged2Packaged Air Conditioning Systems:

This air conditioning system is great for cooling a larger area, such as a commercial building. There is an outdoor system linked to individual vents and spread throughout the building.

Top Rated Heating Service In Spring Valley NV | Desert Valley Heating & Cooling - central2Central Air Conditioning Systems:

A central air conditioning system is typically seen in larger houses or a large space you need to keep cool, maybe a warehouse or movie theater. Similar to package systems, these are more powerful and larger structures.

24/7 Emergency AC Repairs Near Spring Valley NV

When you need a reliable technician to repair your AC unit, don't hesitate to call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We offer same day emergency air conditioning service so you don't have to go without AC in the blazing heat. Relax comfortably in your home without worrying about your AC system.

Indoor Air Quality

You can't be too careful what your children are exposed to these days, especially during allergy season! In addition to our duct cleaning services, Desert Valley Heating & Cooling can offer several different types of filters to increase clean airflow in any environment. We also offer installation for whole-house air cleaners, humidifiers, and more!

Heating System Service and Maintenance

Save money with a service contract.

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When cold weather approaches the last thing you want to deal with is an unexpected heating system breakdown. Before the cold season approaches, you need to make sure your system is working efficiently. With a preventative maintenance check, you can get an experienced technician to make sure your system is running at peak performance and efficiency.

There are several benefits to having your heating system maintained by a trained and reliable company like Desert Valley Heating & Cooling. If a heating unit is properly tuned, it will run more efficiently and keep your utility bills as low as possible throughout the winter months. Secondly, when done by professionals, unnoticeable problems can be fixed before they turn into an expensive project. Finally, a well-running heating system will reduce the risk of hazardous gas or carbon monoxide harming your loved ones.

With our affordable service contracts you can save tons of money in the future by spotting potential problems before they happen. You can choose from many types of service contracts, including monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Refrigeration Service and Maintenance

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You shouldn't be waiting until your refrigeration system breaks down before calling a professional HVAC contractor! If you give your refrigerator and/or freezer regular maintenance, not only will this prevent expensive and inconvenient breakdowns, but it also helps you reduce your energy costs by keeping your equipment operating at peak efficiency.

Our maintenance programs are affordable, and can preventively help you with lost revenue and downtime for your business that's bound to happen without proper service. With regular maintenance and inspections of your refrigerator and freezer, it helps you in the short term and long term! Give Las Vegas' leading refrigerator maintenance contractor a call today to set up low-cost maintenance today!

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I received 5 quotes from other companies, and Desert Valley was the only company that was honest with me about the problem I was having with my air conditioner! Everyone else told me I had to replace my unit, and you took a quick look and it was a 10 minute job to fix it! Thank you for the honesty and integrity, it appears that is hard to come by in that this type of business. Thanks again! Dan G., Las Vegas, NV
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